This site is powered a by very user friendly CMS MODx and some of the links demo the customized e-commerce php script - Opencart.

Looking to get online fast with best php CMS? And MODx developer (MODx API + php coder)? Thinking of launching a php website but don't have a huge budget? Get online quick with php cms Content management system supported or start selling today with the help of our web developers team:
* Business Consultation - request CMS suport
* Education Around Internet Marketing (Priceless) and fixing (SEO) issues reported on your google webmaster panel
* Project Management as simple as just using the specification per your task
* Content Management Website System - List Software
* Website Navigation Setup - Mega Menu WayFinder
* Domain Name Creation and launching either new website or migrating from old hosting easy - Domain Name 1 Yr (.com .org .net .biz .ca .info) 
* Premium Email Account with custom developemnt of your site's email templates as well extending functionality to log each contact form/newsletter submit
* Template Selection, Tuning & Tweaking as well as public mods integration to the templates 
* Quick Production Time
Template creation for MODX CMS and OPENCART - integration of PSD design source files
Custom web devs for MODX Framework and OPENCART which will make your site look unique
* Professional Team of WEB development Experts in PHP HTML CSS SMARTY JS JQUERY MVC PDO (and xPDO) MySQL Linux (and other *NIX servers)

Also, hope you find this site an adequate demo of new MODX CMS & Opencart features and solved tasks with the help of MODX CMS powered content! This site is updated with a variety of just articles and demo links:

  • Simple Blog. When logged into your site, you'll be able to create new entries from the front end. This can also be turned into a News publishing or PR publishing system. View example blog
  • Easy Comments. When logged into your site, your registered site users can comment on your posts. View example
  • RSS Feeds. Your site visitors can stay up to date using your site feeds. View RSS feed
  • Automatic User Registration. Those that wish to comment on blogs must first create an account. This comes pre-configured with a "Captcha" anti-robot registration feature. View registration form
  • QuickEdit. When you're logged into the manager, you can edit a page directly from the front end! More about CMS features
  • Integrated Site Search. Allows visitors to search only the pages you wish them to search. Uses Ajax to display results without loading a new page.
  • Powerful Navigation Builder. Duplicate or build virtually any navigation system with our dynamic menu builder code. The menu above, for example. More about menu features
  • Mootools enabled. You're on your way to Web 2.0 and AJAX goodness. More about Ajax features
  • Custom "page not found (404)" page. Help visitors who go astray to find what they're looking for. View 404 page
  • Contact Us form. A highly configurable contact form you should customize to point to the right email address. Comes pre-configured to prevent mail-form-injection so your site does not become a source for spam. View form
  • Newest documents list. Shows your visitor the most recently added pages (configurable).

Please Note: In a 'normal' market choice between two coders - one who knows the API and one who doesn't - the client would go for the one with the API skills. As that dev is now in demand (compared to the other dev). The 'art' in business, is for the API developer (MODX & Opencart) to charge at such a rate that they remain competitive against the PHP dev over time - eg charging 10% (relative to the PHP dev) for developing 50% fasterRead more ..

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